Cannabis Seed Token

Erc20 Token That is

Redeemable for Cannabis Seeds

Community focused Cannabis Seed Production Through a Decentralised Growing Network alongside our in house growing operations

Distribution of Tokens


  • 76% Distributed to Community

  • 10% Founders and Team

  • 5% Marketing and Loyalty

  • 5% Advisors

  • 4% Foundation

End Date of the Ico For Cana Tokens
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CANA Tokens Vision

Our vision is to do something that has never been done before, by creating a cannabis seed token that is redeemable regardless of the tokens value equivalent in Fiat currency.

This will give the assurance to our token holders that if they ever become displeased or dissatisfied with the value of the Cannabis seed token it will be redeemable for a seed that is held in our seed vaults.

This will prevent the CANA token being devalued to the point where it is worthless this will give protection to our token holders.

  • Redeemable Tokens
  • Seed Storage Vaults
  • Tracking from Seed To Sale
  • Cannabis Testing Solutions
  • Cannabis Foundation
  • Decentralised Growers Network

What Does CANA Token Do?

Cana Tokens are redeemable tokens that are directly backed ONE  to ONE to a cannabis seed  using public polls to decide on the seeds we grow for redemption each  cycle .

What makes our token valuable is the opportunity for the community to choose more potent and more expensive seeds through the community polls that we will make redeemable after each grow cycle has finished

You can redeem for seeds or exchange on a decentralised Trading Platform. Cannabis Seed Token will grow, store, test and distribute seeds to all corners of the world, 

Cannabis Seed Token will keep creating seeds and adding them to the seed vaults until 12 million seeds are in them ready for redemption 

lighting and growing plants
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Redemption and Vault

Our target is to have 12 million seeds in the seed vault for redemption.

The selected strains will be grown by our team of decentralised growers and quality assured by our in-house growing team. On completion, the seeds will be analysed for viability and placed into a humidity and temperature controlled fire proof vaults.
This seed vault is a cumulative seed vault, with the capacity to store up to 12 million seeds. These seed vaults will only be used for token redemption’s and no other purpose.
the seed repository will display the seed numbers for each strain on our website, information about our seed repositories including current temperature and humidity. This will be fully view-able by the public. When a redemption is made this information will be instantaneously adjusted on our website via API’S to reflect seed levels in the vault.
the online section of the vault will display past redemption’s and quantities redeemed but not display the individuals details.

Traceable From Seed To Sale

The ultimate goal of  CANA tokens  is to be the all-in-one Cannabis seed solution .

our aim is to create a place where professional growers can trade genetics  and sell seeds into our vaults and company for sale. 

We will create a real seed to sale project where you will know exactly what nutrients , growing mediums , watering amounts , light schedule, THC & CBD contents of the seeds , you will be able to fully track from germination to to packaging and tracking to your door, 

At the start of our decentralised growers network we will be personally signing up growers to help us with our cultivation that we will employ directly to work for us. after a  number of successful harvests we will offer commission for each seed produced .  


Cannabis Seeds

The Benefits of Cana Tokens

Token Backed Seeds

Cannabis Seeds are a great store of Value

Privacy From Banks

Keep your seed purchases safe secure and discrete

Worldwide Growing Polls

Polls will decide on the seeds produced

Trade & Exchange

Cana Token will be Listed on Decentralised Exchanges

Decentralised Growers

Join a Decentralised Growers Network anywhere in the world

Redeem Token For Seeds

redeem tokens on our website for cannabis seeds

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